These people and companies are happy. You will be too.

Prof. Dr. Manu MALBRAIN
ICU Director | Dept. of Critical Care Medicine | Brussels University Hospital (UZB)

"DataStories allowed us to analyze many parameters together in hemodynamically unstable patients admitted to the intensive care unit in such a way that we receive meaningful output regarding therapeutic decisions. This can make a real change at the bedside. Not to replace the doctors but rather as a decision support system. In case of therapeutic dilemma, the advice nicely summarizes and “weighs” the different treatment options against each other like increasing or decreasing IV fluids, starting, increasing or stopping vasopressors and/or inotropes. This is exactly what happens in real life as medicine is not an exact science. The platform and interface to upload the data moreover are very user friendly."

Stu Miller
Co-founder, COO/CTO

"Working with Katya and the rest of the Data Stories team is a fascinating experience. We thought we had a pretty good handle on what drives our visitors to convert, but the detail provided should help us be much more focused and optimise who we nudge, and who we allow to convert naturally. A pleasure to work with, and very well recommended!"

Dan Levy
Content Strategist at

"...DataStories team are wizards at taking large, complex data sets and turning them into actionable insights. We asked them to analyze our blog content based on both internal and external metrics and they quickly came back with data-driven recommendations that empowered our content marketing team to focus on what was working, discard what was syphoning resources without producing results, and identify key areas of opportunity. All while being a pleasure to work with! "

Neville Medhora
Financial Blogger and Entrepeneur: NevBlog, AppSumo, houseOfRave, Email sender-er at

"Working with DataStories is like seeing the future. Anything you put up on the web can be tracked. You can gather thousands of data points. All that information is useless unless it TELLS you something.

This is exactly what DataStories can do.

Give the computer a bunch of data, and it will find what's actually important."

Noah Kagan
Chief Sumo at and

"holy fuck! who is this person? i want them."

Sanjoy Bhose
Director Business Development at Mirus Partnership

"..Completely committed to disrupting and 'game changing' predictive analytics. After a detailed conversation with one of their Fortune 500 customers I understand that they have genuinely delivered what all software companies truly love to claim, outstanding ROI and 'too good to be true' results that are revolutionising project timelines and their associated costs."

Kouris Kalligas
CEO, Addapp Corp

"I've had the privilege of working with Katya and her team in Addapp and we have benefited from true science combined with hands-on attitude. This combination is rare so when I think of predictive analytics I look no further"

Ivan Glinkin
Operations Development Director, Sveza-Les Ltd

"Besides the professional ability to solve complex problems, the company is genuinely customer oriented and ready to maximize the flexibility to accommodate our changing needs. The specifics of the problems we are solving together is such that the final decision is not always obvious. In Evolved Analytics, we have got a partner who does not only develop according to our explicit requests, but is willing to work with us to design a variety of options to help us choose the most appropriate for our business and implement it in the form of a software product in the most effective way to guarantee the optimal balance of costs and results."

Bert Reekmans
Innovation Centre Flanders

"An innovation breakthrough to deliver analytics"

Katya Zvereva
Director of Planning, Sveza-Les Ltd

"I want to thank Evolved Analytics for professionalism and flexibility in solving the problem of plywood production planning optimization on one of our plants. The project turned out to be difficult, but interesting. The scheduling algorithm production had to include several objective functions to reduce production time of shipments, meet the planned volume requirements with planned profitability, and if necessary, form a balancing portfolio of orders from frequent SKUs for load balancing of production equipment. I appreciate the loyalty of the developer and orientation on results,- we had to rebuild the algorithm several times to incorporate emerging additional requirements. I wish the company success, new interesting projects, and recommend you as a solution provider for complex mathematical problems in optimization!"